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In 1963, Robert "Bob" Farrell opened the first Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour in Portland, Oregon. It immediately became a huge success and by 1970 the company had grown to 58 restaurants. In 1971, Bob Farrell was approached by the Marriott Corporation who subsequently bought the company. He continued to work with Marriott as the company grew to 130 locations nationwide. Under his watchful eyes, Farrell's never experienced a restaurant failure.

Bob Farrell left the company just prior to its sale from Marriott to a San Francisco investment group in 1985. Bob became an author and motivational speaker. Now under new ownership, the Farrell’s concept was changed from a unique celebration restaurant to a traditional family style restaurant. By 1990 almost all Farrell's locations closed and the trademark reverted to Marriott who stopped development. Due to this quick process, most guests only remember the original concept and their great experiences.

In 1996, a new company whose mission was to bring back the heydays of Farrell's past acquired Farrell's Ice Cream Parlours. From this purchase, a few legal tussles from 2003-2008 again stopped Farrell's development.

In 2009, now under the ownership of Orange County, California based, Parlour Enterprises Inc the company began moving ahead with the return of Farrell's. Their ongoing goal is to stay true to the philosophies upon which the original company was founded. Bob Farrell is providing input every step of the way as Parlour Enterprises brings Farrell's into the Twenty First Century.

Parlour Enterprises and Farrell's Pacific are dedicated to continue Farrell's legacy in the restaurant industry. You will once again step back in time over 100 years to see servers dressed in pin-striped vests, old fashioned ties, and cane hats. The restaurants feature the distinctive “old Farrell's” appearance of a century past ice cream parlor. The newspaper type menu, old fashioned candy and delicious food and ice cream will let you experience or re-experience what made Farrell's famous all across the U.S. There are even accommodations for those with certain dietary needs.

As for Bob Farrell, he and his wife Mona currently reside in Washington state. Bob is a highly sought-after motivational speaker focusing on customer service. His book, Give ‘Em The Pickle, and his training video, are best sellers.

Farrell's Ice Cream Parlours - the place where "old time memories for a new generation" are made every day.

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  The Farrell's food and ice cream is great as well. Can't say enough.